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Name:Kurt Ambrose || SPARTAN-051
Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:Camp Currahee, Onyx, (states/regions/territories)


Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Kurt M. Trevelyan
Aliases: Kurt Ambrose aka Kurt-051
UNSCMID:: 045888947
DOB: 19/10/2511
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'10" (out of armor) 7'2" (in armor)
Affiliation: UNSC Naval Intelligence/ SPARTAN-III Program
Armor: Olive Drab with OD Accent
Mini-Bio: Kurt Ambrose, born Kurt Trevelyan was one of the original batch of seventy-five children Dr. Catherine Halsey abducted to create her (in)famous SPARTAN-II program. Like the other children in the program, Kurt went through years of rigorous training that hardened both his mind and body. Over time, he forgot his civilian life and even his true name, instead he simply knew himself by his Spartan tag of Kurt-051. He was one of the few lucky children who survived the augmentation process which killed or crippled almost three quarters of the students in his class. Unlike so many of his brothers and sisters however, Kurt seemed to show more humanity and interest in those around him than just the close-knit familial ties his Spartan family had with each other.

That spark of humanity is what originally drew the interest of Colonel Ackerson and ONI itself. The colonel wanted to create his own breed of super-soldiers and believed Kurt would be the perfect choice to teach them. So he arranged to fake Kurt's death and secretly brought him to the planet Onyx so he could create and hone a fresh crop of SPARTAN super-soldiers. These SPARTAN-III's were meant to be cheaper and faster to create. Instead of the high-tech and staggeringly expensive MJOLNIR, they would be given Semi-Powered Infiltration armor or (SPI armor) which was a fraction of a cost to fabricate in comparison with the MJOLNIR armors. What the SPARTAN-III’s lacked in high-tech gadgetry, they made up for in sheer numbers. Where the SPARTAIN-II class had only seventy-five candidates and only thirty-one survivors, the SPARTAN-III’s had graduating classes of over three hundred.

Ackerson bequeathed onto Kurt both the rank of Lieutenant but also gave him the only last name he’s ever known: Ambrose. The irony that the name is derived from the Greek word Αμβρόσιος which means ‘Immortal’ has never been lost onto Kurt but he accepted it along with a rank he never felt he earned all the same.

So, for the passed twenty-one years, he’s dedicated himself to the SPARTAN-III companies and to training the next crop of super-soldiers.

Bio: Here

Both mundane and character are age 21+. This journal is for pretendy RP fun times and mundane is not affiliated with Bungie, Microsoft or Halo in any way. PB is Shane West and mundane is sadly unaffiliated with him as well.

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